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About Henoc Muamba

Henoc Muamba’s journey began in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where he was born. Five years later, his family moved to Canada to avoid the political upheaval in the Congo. Henoc first began playing football at age the age of 16 at Father Michael Goetz Secondary School. The fear of getting injured, however, made him perceive football as a mere pastime. It wasn’t until he attended post-secondary school at St. Francis Xavier University in Nova Scotia that football became a more serious component of his life. Muamba finished university as a three-time All Canadian, holding the record for the most tackles in school history while being the recipient of the defensive player of the year award. This served as a stepping stone towards his CFL career, where he was drafted first overall in 2011 by the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. In 2014, Muamba had a stint with the NFL with the Indianapolis Colts and in 2016 with the Dallas Cowboys, before returning to the CFL.

What is muamba Motivates?

Muamba Motivates is the approach Henoc takes at his speaking engagements. Henoc invokes inspiration from within. His testimony and practical tips give people the ability to accomplish what they would have thought to be impossible. From start to finish, Henoc’s story embodies and communicates an inspirational message . . . that will transform your team.

Muamba Moments

The Muamba Moments project takes a dive into the realms of successful individuals who have reached the pinnacle in their respective industries. The docu-series highlights the definitive moments that helped to mold each individual into the powerful people they have become. Henoc Muamba seeks to explore these moments that can seemingly occur in everyone’s life. Muamba Moments allows us to see how the greats have handled their respective moments that ultimately propelled them into their destiny.

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